VBLDC12V20 is a three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for E-bike applications. Though mainly designed for E-Bike applications, the same unit can be easily customized to fit into almost all applications involving BLDC with a range of voltage and current ratings. Further, depending on the application and the user requirements, the drive is suitable to be integrated with a 12V VRLA or with a 3-cell Li-ion battery with a voltage range of 5 to 15 V. The compact drive implements a sensor-based (or a sensor-less) trapezoidal control without any external cooling. The cycle-by-cycle over-current protection feature protects the power stage from large stall currents. The board can operate without any de-rating up to 55°C ambient.

Key features:

1. The small size of the electronic drive enables flexibility in mechanical design
2.High efficiency provides maximum battery duration
3. Convection cooled (does not require any external fan)

Data sheet- VBLDC12V20

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