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Product Highlights

Our work in the E-Mobility segment is towards achieving a technologically, commercially and environmentally sound “small distance public transportation systems for cities”. We have identified quality and reliability as the main driving factors which will increase public confidence on such systems. Voltino innovates to bring in safety and reliability into battery charging systems and electric drive mechanisms for small commercial EVs. Our aim is also to bring in innovation, both on the fronts of electrical and mechanical design of such systems. Easy maintenance, passenger and driver safety are the key concerns addressed.

  • Continuous operation even at an input voltage of 310 VAC
  • High reliability
  • Long life
  • NEC Class 3 Industrial design.
  • Less than 100mW of No-load power consumption
  • Low EMI design helps in powering up sensitive electronic equipment without the need of external EMI filter


65V/15A EV-Battery Charger

  • High efficiency-consumes very little power.
  • Extended battery life-Battery Me is enhanced greatly dueto our proprietary algorithm.
  • Intelligente& a powerlul microcomffiller - programmable battery charging profile.
  • Deep discharge charging capability-charges banshee with deep discharge voltage of 24V.
  • Battery reverse polarity protechon.