Our work in the E-Mobility segment is towards achieving a technologically, commercially and environmentally sound “small distance public transportation systems for cities”. We have identified quality and reliability as the main driving factors which will increase public confidence on such systems. Voltino innovates to bring in safety and reliability into battery charging systems and electric drive mechanisms for small commercial EVs. Our aim is also to bring in innovation, both on the fronts of electrical and mechanical design of such systems. Easy maintenance, passenger and driver safety are the key concerns addressed.

Battery Charging

Voltino supports battery chargers for a range of battery chemistries ranging from VRLA, VRLA-AGM, Lithium ion, Lithium ferrous phosphate etc. Our fully digital solutions facilitate flexibility to accommodate your special requirements and features. Our special algorithms are designed to give optimized backup and battery life characteristic. 

BLDC Drives

Compared to their brushed motor counterpart, permanent magnet brushless motors are gaining market footprint because of their high efficiency, light weight, low maintenance, high reliability, low rotor inertia, low noise etc.  However, an electronic drive is required to control the stator currents in a brushless permanent magnet motor.
Permanent magnet motors can be classified based on Back-EMF profiles as BLDC motors and PMSMs. Both BLDC motors and PMSMs have permanent magnets on the rotor but differ in the flux distributions and back EMF profiles. In a BLDC motor, the BEMF induced in the stator is trapezoidal, and in a PMSM, the BEMF induced in the stator is sinusoidal. Implementing an appropriate control strategy is required to obtain the maximum performance from each type of motor
The small size of the electronic drive enables flexibility in mechanical design. High efficiency provides maximum battery duration and reduces cooling efforts.